Friday, March 26, 2010

100 Days in the USA ~ Giveaway! CLOSED

Updated-Congratulations Laura #21-you won!


Way back when we had our 1000 Subscribers Celebration, I was sent 2 awesome games from Out of the Box . The first one, Backseat Drawing-I reviewed here {we still love it}. The next one, 10 Days in the USA-I saved until now as Pac Man is a bit older and it is more of an advanced game.

You can read the rules of this unique game here, and some modifications for younger kids here. This is a game that I will need to play with Pac Man for quite awhile, and we have yet to get Dad involved but I am sure he will whoop us all.

This game takes tons of focus and strategic thinking, even my brain was tired {in a good way}. It is recommended for ages 10 and up, Pac Man is almost 8. We just played it in a modified way and worked togetherer and it was awesome. I could really see his brain working as he explored the different ways to create a travel plan that would work for him.IMG_1120

It is an awesome game, the board alone is wonderful as a teaching tool itself even without the game! You could easily just use the board and cards to find the states! In our version of play this day, Pac man won the game!

Here’s the view of how Pac Man won {and yes, the cat helped a ton}…

Start in Texas, walk to LA {since it borders TX}, fly to GA {since they’re both blue}, drive to MO{since they share a bordering state}, walk to IA, drive to ND, walk to MT.IMG_1127

They also have different versions of this game, {Europe, Asia, Africa}, and so many other great learning games on their site, we love Apples to Apples also!

Would you like to win 10 Days in the USA???

Mandatory Entry…

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This Giveaway is open for USA only.

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