Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1000 Subscribers Celebration Details

Oh my word, that little subscriber number climbed much faster than I thought it would! I thought I had at least a few weeks, but here we are at 1015 today! WOW!

Before we begin celebrating, I want to share some general details about this upcoming CELEBRATION!!! We are not beginning now as I am heading out of town soon, but I promise it will be soon!!!

First, I am NOT doing this celebration to grow my blog at all, I AM doing it to celebrate YOU, my regular readers! I will not be asking you to place my celebration button on your blog, or asking you to spread the word about it at all....and actually I don't want you to! I don't really want people coming over here JUST for the giveaways, because I really, REALLY want one of YOU to win each one! If new people learn about my blog through this, that's wonderful, I welcome all--I just want you (my readers NOW), to know that the whole purpose of this is for YOU! I am doing this to honor you and thank you for being a part of my journey as a mom, woman, teacher, and friend.

Here's the rules, since we gotta have them for something like this...

  1. You may enter as many giveaways as you want, even if you are my really good blogging friend. I choose the winners blindly by number so I am excited too when *it* chooses someone I know!
  2. You can only win ONE give away, that way we can share the love. When I do the drawings (via random.org) you will win whichever one I happen to draw your name for first. If it chooses you to win another one, I will select another winner, and honestly you'll never even know-I just wanted to be clear about that! Some giveaway are ending on the same day, some aren't. So as long as you haven't won anything yet, keep entering them all if you'd like to win!
  3. You do not have to be a subscriber to win, but I sure would love it if you'd stick around and read!!!
  4. I am ONLY giving away products I truly love and I promise all of my reviews are 100% honest, and always will be-just like anything else on this blog or any of my blogs.
  5. There will be entirely different ways to earn extra entries on each post-you'll have to read the fine print at the bottom of each giveaway. Don't accidentally assume they are all the same-they are NOT! You must leave a comment for each valid entry and state in the comment what it is for.
  6. I will be moderating comment entries, so that means your entry won't post right away, you can check back later, I will do my best to publish comments asap. I will be checking for valid entries-PLEASE be honest, so it doesn't make more work for me...please. I'd like to continue to host a giveaway here and there but if it becomes too much work, I certainly can't justify my time being spent on that. If this goes well-I will definitely do more!
  7. Some of the products were sent to me free of charge, for us to review and keep. Some of the products I already owned personally. I will state this in each review post just in case you are wondering at all.
  8. All products for the winners were generously donated by the companies listed as sponsors, I did not purchase the winning items nor will I be shipping them to the winner. I can't thank our sponsors enough for partnering with me and sharing their great products with us. We will be giving away something wonderful from each of these fabulous companies....



I am un-officially closed for additional sponsors, however if a great company gets back to me, I will certainly add them to the list if I think you would love their giveaway!!! You can check on the right sidebar to see if any new sponsors have been added.

THANK YOU SPONSORS for your generosity!!!

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