Saturday, February 13, 2010

iRewardChart App Review and Special Promo!

imageI was given the opportunity to review an awesome new app for my iPod Touch called iRewardChart.  I was interested in the app for obvious reasons…you know since my little angels aren’t always little angels.  In an effort to keep the peace in the home, while teaching them self-control and many other Godly character traits, I thought maybe technology could assist me with this!

In walks a behavior chart of sorts, all in the palm of my hand!  This app is really cool and is only in its beginning stages, I have emailed with the developer and he has upgrades already in the works to make it even better!

I am a chart and list making momma, I thrive on the next cutest chart I can create to help keep life in order.  Charts on a gadget are my new favorite thing.  I have my grocery list on my iPod Touch, my baby timer/milestone tracker, and more.  This app is great for keeping things all in one place!

Very simply, it works like this…

Enter each child you want to keep track of (these are sample images, not my kids!!!)… image

Decide what you want to track (you can choose from what they have AND enter your own)…image

Keep track… image

Payout… image

For the payout, you decide what your child is working towards ahead of time, and assign it a “star” value, when it comes time to pay out, your child will “purchase” what they have worked towards.

You can browse their site for more info and more details of how it works and the options they have.  I also found a neat YouTube video that walks through the app very well so you can see it in action.

The app is regularly priced at $4.99 which honestly I believe is a bit high for what it is.  I shared this with the developers and they responded to my concern in a great way!  They assured me that they have many upgrades on the horizon, one of which has just launched!  In honor of this upgrade launch, they are dropping the price of this app to 99 cents for just a couple of days!!!!!  That’s right, you can get the full version for just 99 cents if you act within the promo window!  If you are at all interested, I recommend snapping it up now for this low price.

You can buy this app here in iTunes.

There are many possibilities of using this app to help with your children's behavior/chore goals.  I do not think it is an all-in-one solution to anything, just another tool that can be used in raising obedient and Godly children. I personally use it in combination with other discipline strategies in our home, it is not the only thing.  Honestly I am in the stages of reworking it into our daily routine, as we fell off of the wagon over the holidays (I received the app way before Christmas).  It will work differently for each family and even for each child within the family-it’s a matter of making it work for you and your kids!

Thanks to the team at iRewardChart for allowing me to review this app free of charge!

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