Monday, October 18, 2010

Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks Review {w/link to Giveaway}



Rainbow Blocks are AWESOME! 

Wooden Rainbow Blocks

I have always wanted these, so when I found out we were getting the 30 Piece Rainbow Block Set to review I was ecstatic!  They are even better than I imagined!  Quality wooden blocks are a must-have in my mind and these are not only wonderful wooden blocks, but they have the addition of the rainbow windows which provide for even more imaginative play.

 IMG_9663 IMG_9613

I knew this little guy would LOVE them, and I was right.  He was a bit confused at first-thinking there was a specific something he was supposed to do with them.  Once he let loose he played for hours.  My favorite was his rocket ship…



Ladybug surprised me with how much she enjoyed them and actually built {stacked} with themIMG_9675The cars in the blocks = awesome…totally her thing.IMG_9649


Pac Man has had a good time with these blocks too, he has always loved blocks of any sort-he has that type of mind and enjoys creative free play.  One night he set up a store with “glasses” for sale.    This is the pair I chose…nice huh? ;-)IMG_9716

Mom’s thoughts…

Initially I was skeptical due to the expense, and I originally wondered if 30 pieces would be enough to have fun with.  I am happy to say that these blocks are worth the $$ and that 30 is enough.  We would love to add to the set, by possibly getting some of the other neat sets they have {sand, shimmering water, crystal beads, etc.} but these as a stand alone set of wooden rainbow blocks is wonderful.


Guidecraft offers awesome wooden blocks, you can see their rainbow blocks here, as well as many other different types of wooden blocks they carry! You can purchase the rainbow blocks we reviewed here on the Guidecraft site, or here on Amazon


Erica from Confessions of a Homeschool is hosting the giveaway this month!  Head on over to enter to win a set of your own Rainbow Blocks!

This product was given to me for review purposes, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.