Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guidecraft Animal Train Sort & Match ~ Review {w/link to giveaway}


Guidecraft has amazing learning toys. I am always blown away with their quality and unique ideas. I imagewas very curious about the Animal Train Sort & Match even before I knew I would be getting it for review. I wasn’t sure what to expect and it surpassed my expectations! I didn’t read well to realize that the board the shapes go onto is magnetic-duh. I think I imagined them just laying and slipping around-NOT the case! This toy is awesome!

I was a tad bit surprised to find out which of my children loved it and which one didn’t really care for it too much. Any guesses?

Well, this cutie pie didn’t get the concept, but absolutely loves the toy! She plays with the pieces, we talk about the animals and colors and she loves the magnetic board!


The other kid of mine who loved it… IMG_1333

…the oldest one!!!! Yup, PacMan was certainly not too cool at the ripe old age of 8 for this toy!IMG_1346

So, in keeping my reviews honest and from the heart-I have to admit that Krash wasn’t very fond of this toy. I honestly thought he would like it, but it isn’t a super hero or a dragon, so what could I expect? I DO think he will like it eventually, as he does love puzzles and challenges. We did play with it one time, where I put the puzzle together and then had Krash close his eyes to guess which piece I removed. He DID like that-just didn’t want any part of building the puzzle himself!!!

As a mom and as an educator-I LOVE this learning toy. It has so many learning opportunities and is so well made. You can read more reviews form my Guidecraft Mom team members also-the toy seemed to be a hit with them all!


You can purchase the Animal Train Sort and Match we reviewed here on the Guidecraft site, or here on Amazon.


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