Monday, February 14, 2011

Guidecraft Nesting Cubes & Cylinders…Review {& giveaway}


Guidecraft has amazing wooden toys. Recently we were sent these…

image  image

I have been wanting this particular wooden toy for years and I don’t know why I never bought it.  When I heard we were getting BOTH sets to review I was thrilled!  I hoped my kids would enjoy this awesome open ended toy and I was thrilled to see that they did!  Ladybug is especially in love with this toy.

IMG_5564  IMG_5732

It provides so many learning opportunities, a great example is shown below as she was trying to fit the cylinders inside one another.  She tried 2 that were the same size and then tried one that fit.  She did this all independently and I know her little brain was just soaking in the knowledge of what she was learning simply by playing with a neat toy.

IMG_5645 IMG_5648 IMG_5650

She is also enjoying when her brother shows her something new to do with the toy. Although, I never allow this at first because I like the younger ones to explore freely without an older child “showing” them everything.  When I first bring a new Tot School toy out I always allow my youngest to explore freely without any interference from an older child.  After this time period is over {usually just 5-10 minutes} I allow group play.

These photos were taken soon after that period of time, Pac Man was dying to get his hands on this new toy, he loves stuff like this!

IMG_5569  IMG_5575

Pac Man also enjoyed playing with this toy on his own ;-), here he made a pattern to show Krash, who sadly wasn’t very interested.IMG_5735

Daddy joined in the fun too with Ladybug-she loves showing him her toys!IMG_5633

I am SO glad we own this awesome Tot School tool, I love it! 


You can purchase the Guidecraft Nesting Cylinders here on the Guidecraft site, or the Nesting Cubes we reviewed here on the Guidecraft site.  Both are also on Amazon : Cubes, Cylinders.


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