Friday, May 27, 2011

Play This Way Giveaway CLOSED

Congratulations #96 Heather, you won!

336 X 280 for 1   1edit

Play This Way with Dr. Jen has many new things in store, which we will be sharing with you in the months to come. In the meantime, Dr. Jen would like to offer one of my readers a chance to win The Original U-Play Mat for Education!!


We have had our original U-Play Mat for awhile now, since we did our review last year. Recently, we tried our mat in 2 different ways this time and she AMAZED me!!! Last time she could barely match 4 images, this time she begged me to do it over and over again!!! First I just showed her a card and asked her to find the match, this was obviously easy for her and we did it about 3 times-the whole stack!

IMG_0830_thumb2 IMG_0852_thumb1

Here she is signing more, which she did each time we finished the set! She also cheered for herself after every match she made!

IMG_0848_thumb1 IMG_0853_thumb1

Next I just verbally asked her to find something and then showed her the matching card to put in. She loves putting the cards into the slots! We had so much fun and she cried when we had to stop! I was honestly surprised with how much she enjoyed this. When we first reviewed it-she certainly wasn’t as enthused!IMG_0862_thumb1

Dr. Jen is inventing up a storm with new U-Play Mat versions coming out through Sassy Baby for the mass-market 0-2 years toy category, and for the Educational market with real photo cards with Stages Learning. She has a secret stash of the original version, and is giving away a starter kit for one of my readers! Dr. Jen is not selling this right now, but you can visit her website to learn more about exciting things coming soon!