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Montessori at Home! Giveaway

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A few months ago I got an email from John Bowman asking me to review his books. I get emails like this quite often and honestly I don’t review many books simply for lack of time. However, my heart is based in Montessori and I was excited to review these particular books!

Soon after beginning to read both the paper book ~ Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain, and the eBook ~ Montessori at Home, I was in love! Both books are exactly what I had been looking for when I began homeschooling PacMan.

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You may be wondering, “why 2 different books…what is the difference?” Honestly, I was too. Mr. Bowman sent me both formats and I have been able to pour over them both. Here’s my thoughts…

If you are on a computer or have an eReader that can read PDF books {like I do with iBooks on my iPad} I personally recommend getting the PDF version, Montessori at Home! It is more extensive and has more meat to it. The paper copy, Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain, was written for those parents who like a traditional book and want something to hold in their hands. It is filled with much of the same info and gives you everything you need, but is a bit more condensed.

What will you find in the books? Tons of scientific stuff, which I love! Tons of early childhood education stuff, which is my background and I love reading it even for the 100th time! Information about Maria Montessori and the background behind her methods. Lists of items to gather, simple ideas to make Montessori work for you at home.

You will also find TONS, and I mean TONS of activities…most which you can begin the day you read about them! Mr. Bowman makes it truly easy for you to do the activities at home! You can already see many of his activities featured in our first Montessori Minute post


Each month, John will be sharing a new post with us, so be sure to follow along so you don’t miss his extensive posts!

I promise if you are even remotely interested in doing homeschool with your child for the early years, you want this book {either or both}. Mr. Bowman empowers you to believe you can do this. Many times in my early homeschool years-even with my early childhood degree, I felt like it was out of my reach and too complicated to pull off at home. John Bowman lets you know how wrong that thinking is! He assures you that you CAN do it!!!

Here are some more details straight from John Bowman himself

Montessori At Home! is 193 full size pages with color photos throughout and over 200 Montessori early learning activities, adapted for use by parents at home. This book is available on CD for $12.95 and as a download for only $9.95. Most activities use common household items and are designed for easy, quick setup & use. Complete background information on Montessori education and how to set up, display, and do Montessori activities successfully at home are included to guide parents. Activity groups include Everyday Life, Sensory Experience, Science, Math, and Reading. The Math & Reading sections are completely sequenced for ease of use. Recommendations are given for a selection of Montessori and other excellent materials for home use by preschoolers. A second PDF file includes 36 printable activity sheets for use with various activities. A comprehensive guide just for parents.

For those who prefer a book to hold, I recently collected the activities from Montessori At Home! in a paperback titled Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain.

Want to know about John and his personal Montessori background and why he wrote these books? Here’s what he told me…

I spent 12 years as a Montessori preschool teacher and center director. I actually shelved this project after I got married in 1980 and entered a new career. In late 2009 I again became interested in writing a Montessori book for parents. I assumed that multiple similar books had probably been written in all that time, so I checked out most of the books on the market. Surprisingly, I found none that covered the subject in the comprehensive way I had in mind, especially concerning modifying Montessori activities for easy set up & use at home and giving parents a complete Montessori at home program. So, I wrote Montessori At Home! and then the second book.


You can go ahead and purchase your copy of Montessori At Home! here on his website, or you can order the paperback book Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain here on Amazon.


John Bowman is giving away a CD with the Montessori At Home! book & Activity Sheets in two PDF files; and a copy of Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain (paperback).

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I commented on the previous post!

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I would love to read more about teaching my daughter at home. She is eighteen months old.

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I would so love to win this! I am starting my little Hayley in preschool and am extremely interested in the Montessori methods.

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