Monday, January 10, 2011

Skylar and George Washington ~ Book Review


We were sent an adorable and unique book recently to review.  Skylar and George Washington is unlike any book we have, in that it is both a fun picture book and an in depth book with awesome and accurate historical facts!  The book combines digital illustrations and photography in a unique way.  I love the combination of the two.

The book is laid out like this…image

You can read just the left side-which is written using a simple, rhyming text. For older kids, the historical information, including many famous quotes, is written on the right side.  Even I learned many new facts about George Washington, making him seem much more real.  I look forward to diving into the book even more as we study George Washington in our homeschool. You can preview the book yourself by clicking here.

We really enjoyed this book and are hoping the author writes more.  What a neat way to learn about history!

Another cool fact-Skylar is actually the author’s dog!  You can see the real dog here in a video where the author, Matt Burgess, explains the book and it’s purpose for your family.

You can order a copy of Skylar & George Washington here on their site


You can also purchase this book on Amazon!


Matt has provided my readers with a generous discount code for those of you who would like to order 2 or more copies.  Use the code 1+1+1=1 to receive 23% off when buying 2 or more!  What a unique gift to give, especially to another homeschooling family!  Look for the discount code box on the order form to enter the code…image

Thanks Matt for providing our family with this awesome book free for review!  We greatly appreciate it and are continuing to enjoy the great book!