Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guidecraft Hideaway Country Kitchen Review

imageA while back I was sent the awesome Guidecraft Hideaway Country Kitchen to review.  It sat in the box way too long because I was waiting for my husband to put it together.  Finally I decided I could do it.  I figured if Jolanthe could do it, so could I.  So, I did.  I won’t lie-it wasn’t terribly fun to put together but I did it. The kids, and the husband, were all pretty impressed with me.

This kitchen is a 2nd kitchen in our house, Ladybug has her own from last Christmas up in her room.  It’s the plastic kind-that my husband picked out.  This adorable wooden hideaway kitchen is located downstairs in our dining room, right off of our schoolroom.  I LOVE the way it looks so I let it stay in public view!  The kids cook for me quite often and it has been something they have all 3 enjoyed for months now.

IMG_3037   IMG_3050

I moved only our felt food and some dishes down here, to keep things simple and it has been wonderful.  I put a pink fabric basket underneath in one of the cabinets and it all stores away easily.  That’s one of the things I LOVE about this kitchen {especially versus the plastic one upstairs}-the storage underneath!  You can hide it all in the nice open space.

I was planning to give this kitchen away soon after the review, feeling bad owning 2 kitchens, BUT I think my kiddos would miss it for now so were hanging onto it for awhile longer!  They really like it!

If you are thinking of a kitchen as a gift this Christmas or anytime, I highly recommend this one.  It is VERY well made, sturdy {notice Krash sitting on it below!}, and adorable.


It has features that kids and parents love.  The clock and the sink are two child favorites in our home…

IMG_3047  IMG_3044

For those of you tight on space or who may be storing it for the next child, check out the hideaway feature {images from the Guidecraft website}…

image  image

I tested out the storage feature and it was easy to use.  I wouldn’t want to store it every day and take it out again, but for longer term storage this is such a great option! It compacts to only 6” in depth with a simple twist of an Allen wrench. Fully extended, it measures 30"W x 15.25"D x 38" H.

Thanks to Guidecraft for allowing us to review this wonderful play kitchen!

Get yours on Amazon here or on the Guidecraft website here!


Craig and Julie said...

That looks like a really great kitchen! I know my kiddos would love it!

Stephanie said...

This looks awesome! The storage feature is so great. My kids would have so much fun and my son would love the clock on it!