Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Table Talkers…Fun for Family Dinnertime ~ Giveaway

I am thrilled to share a new eBook with you, Table Talkers, written by Erin from In Between Laundry.
I was recently sent this eBook to review and was a bit nervous because mealtime around our house is a bit chaotic thanks to a special someone who detests eating in general. Our little precious Krash is our meal time trouble maker and often brings me to the point of almost tears. IMG_3812 PacMan is the exact opposite, loves and eats everything! Ladybug is a good mix-some nights rejecting like K and some nights embracing new foods like P. The idea of adding fun to this time of the day seemed about as possible as, hmmm…pigs flying, and more. You know, it seemed virtually impossible.
But, we gave it a go and I printed out the wonderful cards to keep handy at the table and I read through them to choose a few that I thought might be worth a shot for my 2, 5, and 9 year old.

Thankfully the night we first tried a Table Talker idea, we were eating a meal that Krash liked, so it was a relative good-mood evening. We started out with a game that has since become a family favorite. Someone has to think of a movie/tv show that we are all familiar with {example Nemo}. Then the person gives a 1 word hint {example: fish}. We each get a turn to guess based on just the one word clue. If nobody gets it, the person gives a second clue {example: ocean}. I was AMAZED with how many we got with just 1 word! For example I thought of the movie Robots and my clue word was “dishes” and Pac got it right away!

On another night, the night I decided to snap a few pictures, we were eating a meal Krash does not prefer and attitudes were flying, but we were still able to get some laughs in that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. When I snapped these photos, they were pointing out shapes in the room. IMG_3827
One of the games is to think of a shape and go around the table to have each person point out something that is that shape. This is perfect for younger ages, and even PacMan enjoyed it!IMG_3825
Ladybug doesn’t actually play yet, but she giggles right along with us and I do believe enjoys our family mealtime much more without all of the somber faces. Mealtime had truly become a time of day that I just wanted to be over. I don’t love mealtime due to the struggles but adding in Table Talkers has brought much joy to my heart!

I can fully recommend Table Talkers as a worthwhile purchase for your family. It is currently only $2.99 and was created by another mom, so you know I love supporting her creative efforts also! For $2.99 you get 52 simple ideas to make your mealtime more fun. I would say if you have a child from the age of 3 or older this would be for you. There are many simple games and some more advanced ones that older children would really get into. There are even blank cards to have your family think of their own and write them in to have in your Table Talkers set.

I laminated our cards and put them on a metal ring so I can have them at the dinner table always. I also loaded the eBook onto my iPad too. You can load any PDF file into iBooks by importing the PDF file through your iTunes account and then plugging in your iPad to sync. It’s really that simple!

If you’d rather not wait to see if you win, you can purchase Table Talkers for just $2.99! You really can’t beat that, huh? Get some great new fun dinner time ideas and support another mom in her creativity!

Erin is giving away a copy of Table Talkers to 3 different winners!

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